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The Rector voice 

edited by father  Emiddio Petringa


           To talk about the months of July, August and September means we’re talking about the entire life of the Sanctuary. Many pilgrimages take place and many people join them, “feast” days become unforgettable for however attends the Sanctuary, although everyone is absorbed by a frenetic lifestyle. Here, at the Sanctuary one may take a pause to meditate, it is a source for our conscious that finds inspiration and courage in Our Lady. It is not “religious tourism” but simply the need to understand ones innerself  in order to choose the right way to undertake. This is what the Sanctuary is in each pilgrim’s heart. Yet this year’s pilgrimages seemed even more motivated and they brought an even greater atmosphere of exemplary spiritual joy. Hopefully things will continue in such a direction. 
We can’t forget those many “special pilgrims” that live abroad but keep a vivid and praiseworthy emotional  bond with the Sanctuary: they never miss coming to the Sanctuary when they return to their native place, for many reasons, and in some special way they feel nearer to their roots here. It is here that they find new strength and enthusiasm to continue on with their lives. They open their hearts to Our Lady in “the visit book”: writing about their lives, their dreams, their hopes, their future projects, their difficulties and the fact that they miss their home land. 

 This is the strength of our Sanctuary, that is capable to resist nowadays typical laicism that conditions even old traditions, and it is in all this doubt that we tangibly feel Our Lady’s protection. So we must be thankful to the pilgrimages that demonstrate such a vivid religious devotion, faithfulness and affection.
  With this issue you will find a calendar, we hope it will help you to follow the Sanctuary’s everyday life and events and to feel part of this spiritual reality, it is dedicated to all those who bare in heart the devotion for Our Lady of La Civita.

It is not a list of one day after another, but each day is a thought regarding the Sanctuary, about what goes on and what we have built together, each day embraced by Our Lady.
Forthcoming Christmas is an occasion to wish you a “spiritual revival” which we all need: may the Saviour’s birth be for everyone the perfect occasion to look upon life with faith, so finally Christmas can bring “salvation” to us all.
Best wishes to our benefactors, to the contributors, to everyone that loves the Sanctuary, to those that have found their spiritual rebirth here, so we may continue to live as God’s and Our Lady’s children.



                                                                                                            The Rector
                                                                                                  father Emiddio Petringa  


drawn by the quarterly bulletin of the Sanctuary 
"La Madonna della Civita" July - September  2004  n° 3
to receivethe bulletin  makes click here  or it phones the  (+39) 0771 727116 - 721360


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